Due to the favourable geographical position of the New Elde canal, the first paper mill was constructed here in 1799. In 1871, a paper factory was built for the first mechanized production of paper. Quality paper with the bull's head watermark, the former emblem of the state of Mecklenburg, first conquered the German market and was soon to be exported to Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain and the USA. Following the turbulent times of both World Wars, subsequent expropriation and political upheaval, what had started as a fine paper mill finally resumed operations to manufacture speciality papers. In 1992, the production facilities were acquired by the Melitta group of companies. With the newly founded company Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier GmbH, Melitta continued the paper making tradition at Neu Kaliss.

Today, the long-lived tradition and the knowhow handed down from generation to generation have come to characterise the outstanding quality and special charm of Neu Kaliss speciality papers, acknowledged by the fact that the paper is still produced with the bull's head label.

2012: Fully utilised machines, filled order books – the success story continued with the opening of a new branch in Berlin. May 1st 2012 saw the productive start of the affiliated company of Neukölln Spezialpapier NK GmbH & Co. KG.

Acquisition and foundation

In 1871, Felix Heinrich Schöller and Theodor Bausch buy the land on the south bank of the Elde in Neu Kaliss. The foundation stone for the first paper factory is laid in 1872. On 24.06.1873, the first paper is processed on the paper machine.


Commissioning of PM1

Between November 16th and 17th, 1949, the PM1 paper machine is commissioned.

"This paper machine was constructed by the workforce of the Neu Kaliss factory itself between 1946 - 1949 using old machine parts and scrap metal."

The pilot paper machine

Construction of a laboratory machine, now the pilot paper machine (VPM).


Conversion of the PM3

Conversion of the PM3 from cylinder machine to fourdrinier for manufacturing blueprint base paper, typing paper, xerography paper, x-ray film protective paper.


The new plant and the PM6

1995: The foundation stone for the new plant on the Heiddorf industrial estate is laid. The new plant and the PM6 are commissioned under managing director Joachim Olfermann.


The largest filter bag

Manufacture of the world's largest filter bag, the PA SF 270. For filtering up to 70 litres of coffee.


Packaging line for udder wipes

A new packaging line for udder wipes is commissioned.


Winner of innovation prize

Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier wins the innovation prize of the Melitta Group for its nonwoven wallpaper and its outstanding performance over the years.


Investment in the pilot paper machine

Investment is made in the pilot paper machine. A two layer headbox serves to enable double-layer sheet formation and expand the development spectrum.