Work experience and student assignments
Here you can view our available work placements and find further information about the training scheme and starting date.
Industrial business manager:

Our industrial business managers are responsible for the planning and management of commercial workflows and processes. The range of tasks is diverse and interesting… (Download Flyer)

Start of next work placement: 01.08.2015
Trained assistant for warehouse logistics:

As a trained assistant for warehouse logistics, you will be responsible for incoming goods, the internal transportation of goods, outgoing goods and quality control. Technical assistance is provided in the form of forklift trucks and scanners… (Download Flyer)

Start of next work placement: 01.08.2015
Paper technologist:

As a paper technologist in the specialist area of paper, card and board, you will be responsible for the entire production process. This work involves a wide range of tasks, from planning the technical processes to environmental protection … (Download Flyer) Link to "Universities"

Start of next work placement: 01.08.2015
IT specialist for system integration:

As an IT specialist for system integration, you should have a strong interest in PCs, servers and network technology… (Download Flyer)

Mechatronics / in :

As mechatronics You are with us for the installation, repair  and maintenance of complex mechatronic systems and  Machinery responsible ...