Nonwoven wallcovering material

Udder paper

Especially absorbent, high wet and dry strength, high absorption strength, completely free from formaldehyde, high dirt removal capacity, biodegradable.

Being one of the market leaders in Europe, Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier offers high-quality Udder paper exclusively to producers and traders of products and machines for dairy hygiene. With individual materials, sheet size and packaging.

In line with the trend towards convenience products, we now also offer pre-moistened Udder paper. For this purpose, we use the individual detergents of our customers. The product is supplied protected from sunlight and diffusion-tight.

In addition to our standard Udder paper which are developed primarily for wet application, we also offer a quality level which is recommended exclusively for dry application.

In the premium sector, we also offer Udder paper made from air-laid paper. This highly absorbent and stable material is suitable for wet and dry application and is distinguished by its extremely soft feel.


Tobias Paulini