A tradition of paper manufacturing spanning over 200 years in Neu Kaliss and over 100 years of company-wide experience in filtration are testimony to our expertise in this field.

Extractor hood filters and humidifier blocks

Exclusive for the Melitta group, extremely absorbent and moisture-proof, high filtration effectiveness, reliable retention of contamination particles, achieves optimum room air quality. Display details

Oil filters

Highest purity, optimum particle retention, optimum oil and air permeability, wet strength. Display details

Coffee filter bags

Exclusive for the Melitta group, Aromapor quality, highest purity, highly tear resistant, with extra-sturdy double seam. Display details

Coffee filter nonwovens

Highest purity, optimum water and air permeability, heat-sealable, wet strength, food-safe and neutral to taste. Display details