Preface MD
As a manufacturer and processor of speciality papers, we set ourselves very high goals:

To meet the individual requirements of our customers who rely completely on the quality of our products and services. We owe the outstanding reputation that Neu Kaliss Spezialpapier enjoys amongst industry experts to our commitment and continuing creative drive.

Our range of products is constantly changing in line with changing trends in the market. In our long-standing partnerships over the years, we have established several exclusive production processes which we manage with the utmost care.

To ensure customer satisfaction and sustained competitiveness, we are of course always striving to further optimise our services and make use of the latest technologies.

Martin Ostermayer & Paul Fender, Managing Directors

Our values:
Traditionally minded: Our tradition – paper since 1799
Quality requirements: Setting the highest standards
Customer-oriented: As versatile as life itself
Stability: Stable yet evolving
Sustainability: With the future in mind
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